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My ultimate goal as a teacher is to motivate my students to strive for excellence in order to cultivate, broaden and further their individual artistic visions and their careers, becoming their own teachers and continuing lifelong learning. I guide them to become independent, cultivated, creative and happy musicians, helping them achieve a professional level of playing, be able to teach violin, discover and develop their own musical voice and accomplish their own musical projects.

Besides following traditional methods, in working with students, I emphasize a natural approach to the instrument, giving them tools to avoid physical tension. The purpose is to experience a relaxed and easier way of playing, improvement in the sound and a fluid technique. I work with my students on mental aspects of peak performance as well as tools to deal with performance anxiety.

Following my doctoral dissertation and ongoing research, I enjoy incorporating aspects of historically informed performance practices into the interpretation of specific musical periods. I urge students to think critically and to make interpretative decisions that are both personal and well-founded.
I am committed to passing on the tradition of music. I encourage and guide my students to learn to be media savvy, entrepreneurial and to be able to promote and manage themselves in order to prepare for a successful career in the 21st century.

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