What a Performance 2020' Winner. Argentinean violinist Tomás Cotik... is not just another violinist. He is a passionate musician who always seems to get under the skin of the music he performs...Cotik plays here with a modern violin but a Baroque bow, which he finds gives him better control and flexibility in this music... there is no question but that this is the most exciting rendition of these works I’ve ever heard. Indeed, as the performance continued—about the time I reached the “Tempo de Borea” of the first partita—I had to stop playing the critic and simply marvel at this man’s energy and commitment to the music. His passion is infectious. By playing this music with such rhythmic acuity and emotional directness, Cotik has also managed to make us hear the connections between each movement, which in turn pulls the movements together to form a cohesive musical whole... this is now my benchmark performance of these works. You’ve simply got to get them! Lynn René Bayley READ MORE