Textura, March 2020

Compositionally, the writing constitutes an awesome achievement, of course, but impressive too is the Argentine violinist's ability to meet the work's daunting challenges. If anyone's up to the task, it's Cotik, an assistant professor of violin at Portland State University who's been the recipient of numerous international awards and boasts an impressive discography of Naxos and Centaur releases that extends from Mozart and Schubert to Piazzolla... An entire universe of emotion is encompassed by this material, some pieces ebullient and sprightly and others lyrical and sober. Needless to say, performing the six works requires a superior degree of virtuosic technique and artistry, but the violinist brings a lifetime of experience, study, and appreciation to an extraordinary performance that can stand up against any other. As impressive as the technical execution is the emotional articulation in Cotik's interpretations, from the affecting outpourings in the sonatas' slow movements... Cotik admirably scales the mountain that is the second sonata's “Fuga” in a manner that makes something incredibly challenging appear effortless. Delivered at a dizzying clip, the first sonata's breathtaking “Presto” soars in a flurry of single-note patterns, as does the third's “Allegro assai.” Even more jaw-dropping, however, is the double that follows the first partita's “Corrente,” the variation executed at a speed that'll leave you shaking your head in disbelief...one comes away from the recording dazzled by Cotik's musicianship and technique; one is also struck by the agility of his execution, his expert command of tempo and intonation, and his ability to consistently maintain the highest level of performance sans accompaniment. That all of the melodies, harmonies, and basslines presented on this recording were generated live by a single musician wielding a four-stringed instrument and bow is itself staggering. READ MORE