Review by Frank Cooper, June 2016

Yesterday’s performance by the Amernet String Quartet displayed the timelessnessof great music and the timefulness of one of our country’s best youngish-professional ensembles... the performers let us know that they had had only two hours of sleep after returning from their 17-concert tour in Israel. Who would have known? No evidence of jetlag compromised any of the performances. In point of fact, the Amernet in its newest configuration – violinists Misha Vitenson and Tomas Cotik, violist Michael Klotz, and violoncellist Jason Calloway – played with evocative sense of style, masterful technique, penetrating insight, and, importantly, enhanced maturity. They act as one, the four individuals melding their tone into a single, coherent, richly communicative, lovely sound. While not new to the ensemble, the pervasive sum-total was newly evident. With their status as Quartet-in-Residence at Florida International University, the Amernet Quartet has risen in esteem locally, and by well-heralded tours nationally and internationally, facts that should not be taken for granted. As their numerous appearances in the Mainly Mozart Festival have demonstrated ever so amply, they have earned their eminence.  Frank Cooper