Musical Toronto, Nov. 2013

Review of Piazzolla: Tango Nuevo CD Violinist Tomas Cotik’s passionately personalized view of Astor Piazzolla Cotik has found potent creative expression that combines roots as well as displacement, while adding something of himself to the final product. The Piazzolla album is not just Cotik as brilliant interpreter — his virtuosic flame burns brightly as well as lightly, while not neglecting the quiet joys of glowing embers in more reflective passages — but also as creative mind. Seven of the pieces on the album are Cotik’s own arrangements, written to showcase his phenomenal technique as well as capturing the full rhythmic energy of the music. Lin is an able, enthusiastic and equally fiery collaborator throughout. In short, this album is a treat from start to finish — not just for fans of Piazzolla’s music, but for anyone who appreciates the art of playing the violin.  John Terauds READ MORE