Knight Arts, June 2015

Cautious, calm, modest, devoid of posturing and pretensions, Tomás Cotik is a violinist, one of the people who make Miami a good place to live. Born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he came to Miami thanks to the New World Symphony and, like so many others, decided to stay. Here he met photographer So-Min Kang, born in Hamburg of Korean parents. They married and had a daughter, Yuni. The Cotiks are part of the human landscape that make Miami a multicultural magnet, more diverse each day, from which talented residents make themselves known to the world...[Tomás Cotik]Tomás Cotik How did your vocation come about? When I was 5, I listened to a vinyl record of classical music at home. The sound of the strings moved me so much that I begged my parents to let me learn to play the violin. I had to start with the recorder, which was a fad at the time, and I didn’t like it at all. It took me three years to change their minds. Sebastian Spreng READ MORE