, JAN. 2015

WHEN THE VIOLIN SOARS  - 4 STARTS - ++++ None of these pieces has ever sounded quite like this before.Cotik handles it beautifully, with tremendous clarity of line and evenness of tone. His playing is equally fine in the other three movements: the opening movement’s surprising dissonances make perfect sense here, the third movement’s pastoral simplicity shines forth after the fugue’s tremendous complexity, and the virtuoso finale whirls to a wonderful conclusion. [Schubert's Laendler] are straightforward and pleasant - trifles, yes, but delicious ones. Cotik respects the music [and] shows, as Piazzolla intended to show, that the tango is just as valid a canvas for technical study and attractive music-making as are other dances.... multiple fascinations brought forth by Cotik’s interpretations and technical skill. Read More