Fanfare Magazine Review: Robert Maxham, Jan./Feb. 2013

Review of the Schubert CD …outstanding from the very beginning… pure tone.., … boldness of gesture…  should leave listeners almost breathless.…perfectly conceived ... [The] notes don’t identify Cotik’s violin. In a way, it’s almost irrelevant, because playing of this strength would overshadow almost any instrument’s profile. Cotik and Lin make Kreisler seem almost smarmy…; the strong-minded Isabelle Faust, … almost—almost—mannered; and Julia Fischer’s with pianist Martin Helmchen on PentaTone ….as though she’s filed down the detail. …these performances should be required listening. But Cotik and Lin should also raise appreciation of those already captivated by the works’ charms to an even higher level, offering insights and vitality in almost every measure to spark their enthusiasm. Urgently recommended.  READ MORE