Diario Página/12, Argentina

The Bach that Cotik proposes is printed from an interesting sense of spontaneity, the product of a melodic sensitivity handled with ease and the coherent choice of tempo in each piece. The violinist's sound is delicately veiled and maintains its woody grain throughout the different technical and expressive situations that occur throughout the six works and their articulations. The mastery of the bow also allows him to express the passages of intricate polyphony with luminous clarity... Famous for its numerous transcriptions, including that of Ferruccio Busoni for piano, the Chaconne is one of those pieces whose identity has been disrupted. Managing tensions and distention to combine depth and expansion with good judgment, Cotik's reading returns it to the labyrinths of baroque affection, leaving virtuosic expansions for other endings. For example, the 'presto' from Sonata nº1, the 'allegro assai' from Sonata nº3 or the giga from Partita nº3, in which in any case it does not lose the sense of the dance. Cotik with Bach achieves a very personal reading. A great credit to the album. READ MORE