Classical Net, May 2015

In this program Cotik performs music by composers who were born as early as 1681 and who died as recently as 1992.  In all of these works, Cotik performs brilliantly.  In fact, his tone and articulation, especially  notable in the Telemann,  is astonishing.  His playing there, and in the Bach, is facilitated by his use of a baroque bow, as he himself says in his notes accompanying this disc...  What I have just quoted provides an explanation of the timing of the fugue in the Bach Sonata, which Cotik performs in eight minutes and 41 seconds, remarkably faster than several other recorded performances ...,but this difference was so striking I simply had to.  In spite of his fleetness, Cotik’s performance is always clean, fast but not rushed.  The  Ländler, in ¾ time, an Austrian and south German predecessor of the walt,... Cotik’s phrasing and sonority are clear and generally excellent, even when there are double stops. It may be mentioned here that Cotik wrote his doctoral dissertation on music by Schubert.  The recording quality greatly adds to the appeal of this CD. The sound is resonant without being reverberant, the level is optimal and miking is at the right distance to obviate both harshness and thinness of tone.  Very highly recommended. James Tobin READ MORE