Cinemusical, May 2022

Recording: ****/****
Performance: ****/****

A couple years ago, violinist Tomas Cotik gave us moving interpretations of Bach’s solo sonatas and partitas in an impressive two-disc set from Centaur. His period performance approach provided a fresh look at some of these important works. His informed and well-researched approach creates an aural window into the period.

Cotik’s performances capture all these elements quite fine. His are a bit quicker throughout his exploration of these works which make them feel a bit virtuosic and with a touch more flash here and there. The shorter articulation response in faster passages lends this extra virtuosic quality that further spins these lines in a faster fashion. The slow movements also move a little faster, though with a good amount of emotional affect. Somehow the more experimental expression of Telemann’s music comes more to the fore in these slower movements with their emotional qualities revealing the appeal this music had for those experiencing them in the period. The audio has the violin well front and center in a dry acoustic which makes the rapid passage work pop quite a bit. Those who have explored Cotik’s traversal of the solo Bach pieces will find that his attention to detail is also on display along with his technical skill. His interpretations of this music are well worth the time for music that can feel quite intimate...Another Take on Telemann's Solo Violin Fantasias it allows for another fine recording of this repertoire that can be highly recommended.

Steven Kennedy