Audiophile Audition, Febr. 2018

In this new recording from Tomas Cotik (violin) and Tao Lin (piano) are presented sixteen sonatas by Mozart on modern instruments. Cotik has a very warm tone which contrasts nicely with the more acoustically-distant piano which has a colder sound, especially so in the upper register at softer volume. And while modern instruments are adopted, Cotik is wise, I believe, in playing with one eye looking backward: in the use of vibrato he uses the effect lightly in a very sympathetic way. This is well displayed in the Andantino sostenuto e cantabile from the Sonata in B-flat, KV 378. It’s a beautiful movement where the duo shines...Cotik’s violin stays articulate in the foreground and the fast movements highlight both the technical merits of both musicians and their musical gifts. The style and articulation in the third movement from the Sonata in B-flat, KV 454 shows off the professionalism of both performers: how they play together as if from one mind; how Cotik’s articulation captures Mozart’s humor; how dynamics shape what might appear on the page as simple melody into something richer and more interesting...There is no perceived weakness from the musicians among all the movements. Each sonata is celebrated with equal energy and polish. Consistency is not an easy quality to find in large-scale recording projects. Kudos to Cotik and Lin for giving each piece equal love and attention to detail...Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin bring a wonderful performance and due exposure to these pieces. Sebastian Herrera READ MORE