Archi Magazine, Febr. 2023

Cotik had already recorded in 2015 a choice of three Fantasies. This integral edition stands out as the Argentine violinist and teacher brings a complete and rigorous philological research combined with a sense of freedom. That is realized, for example, in the vibrato and the tempo rubato, used sparingly in the phrasing, and thanks to a particular rhythmic freedom in the resolution of embellishments, employed without conditioning the fluidity of the musical discourse.

All the building elements of the six Fugues emerge clearly in each case, and the contrasts between the
different dance tempos are rendered with smoothness thanks in part to the use of the baroque bow. Cotik carefully characterizes
the various movements, bringing out their
individuality and emphasizing individual aspects.

Quantz defined the performer's role as the observance of the rules of correctness and good taste. And it's what Cotik manages to communicate with great professionalism.

Stefano Crise