American Record Guide, Apr. 2016

This is a wonderfully relaxing recording. Imagine  you're a string player, and you've invited friends over to the house to play chamber music. A glass or two of wine, and we  pull out some Mendelssohn. This recording documents the way the music would sound (at least in my imagination). Tempos are very relaxed, the string sound is warm and gorgeous, play ers yield to each other in cooperative, musical fashion, and the world seems a better place. In short  this is a great recording  if you value warmth and sweetness in Mendelssohn. I greatly enjoyed the Mandelring (I/F 2016, but putting them side by side now,  I think my choice would be the Harrington, who allow the music to unfold without being pressed or 'energized'. Here, though, nothing is forced, and, as  I say, the world seems a better place. So, congratulations to the Harrington. Althouse READ MORE