Violinist Tomás Cotik Presents 3D Musical Performance

Música AR 3D – An augmented reality, three-dimensional musical performance available to anyone with a smartphone

I am excited to share this early prototype of my next interdisciplinary project, an augmented reality, three-dimensional musical performance available to anyone with a smartphone. This digital performance will allow the audience to walk around and see the presentation from different angles and distances.

Idea, Production, and Violin: Tomás Cotik

Photography: So-Min Kang


This prototype shows the possibilities of connecting and sharing culture with the community despite physical distance. I am currently residing in Madrid, Spain, holding a Fulbright research award during my sabbatical as a violin professor at Portland State University and this prototype features my performance of the piece “Spanish Romance” by an anonymous 19th-century composer arranged for solo violin, as experienced through the screen capture of a phone from several locations back home in Portland, OR.

Música AR 3D follows my series of multidisciplinary projects and collaborations—such as my recent productions, Ombra Musici and The Fiddler on the Roof, (recipient of a 2022 National Endowment for the Arts award)—which also seek to broaden access to and enjoyment of classical music in innovative ways and to celebrate diversity and collaboration through music while exploring the ever-changing fashions in art and its presentation formats. These projects reimagine the public concert as a participatory, democratized, and shared experience with contemporary relevance through technologies that offer magical, improbable components, while keeping the music in the forefront. In that sense, they function as “placemakers” for audiences and inspire the community to share their diverse cultures and stories, reinventing public spaces and potentially energizing and reimagining the relationship between people and their physical environment.

My new unedited recording of a more traditional presentation yet with higher definition and audio quality can be found at:

Violin: Tomás Cotik

Videography: Anthony Vasiliadis