11 Feb 2023

Trio for Violin, Light and Shadow

Lincoln Recital Hall, Portland State University
at 8:00 pm

A follow-up to Ombra Musici II, brings the audience inside PSU’s Lincoln Recital Hall to experience live music for solo violin with engaging and minimalistic magical lights effects. 

PSU Violin Professor Tomás Cotik collaborates with PSU School of Music and Theater student, Ronnie Rantis, for this multidisciplinary experience combining modern technology and classical music. The traditional concert experience is expanded through lights, shadows, movement, and optical illusions to bring new life and contemporary relevance to classical music and communicate innovatively with the community. 

In this Concert, acclaimed violinist Tomás Cotik presents works from his new albums of Bach and Telemann, sharing his ongoing exploration into historical performance style. The program will feature Bach’s Partita N. 2 for solo violin, a Bach Cello Suite transcription, and Telemann Fantasias for Solo Violin.