Palm Beach Arts Paper, June 2015

Delray SQ, Aleida deliver impressive Danielpour at Mainly Mozart For two centuries or more, the string quartet has been the favored medium for a composer’s most intimate, profound thoughts. In his series of quartets, the American composer Richard Danielpour has explored themes of the Holocaust (No. 3, Psalms of Sorrow) and farewell (No. 6, Addio, and for his Quartet No. 7, which received its world premiere May 31 in Coral Gables at the Mainly Mozart Festival, he has turned to a more hopeful message of human potential.The Delray quartet, which had the recorded the piece the week before with producer Judith Sherman, played with precision and care, keeping the half-light of the music steady.  incantatory lines, in a cannily scored accompaniment that has texture but still lets the singer have the spotlight. Danielpour’s Seventh Quartet is a well-constructed, deeply felt piece that would make a good addition for a string quartet ensemble looking for some programming variety and some easy-to-grasp contemporary composition. It seems to me that the fourth movement is actually too short to make the best impact it could, even given whole slow movement before it. It has a Mahlerian pace from the beginning of the Adagietto, and it’s a pace that calls for serious breadth.  Greg Stepanich REad More