Cinemusical, Nov. 2017

Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin return to the music of Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) in Legacy.  The release pulls together special arrangements for violin and piano of ten of the composer’s works Things kick off quickly with “Escualo” (“Shark”, an almost scherzo-like, driving work with a brief moment for melodic relaxation.  A more sensuous selection, “Vardarito” follows which soon moves rather quickly into some of the noted rapid passage work.  The pieces have these sort of instant improvisational feel to them and is one of the hallmarks of Piazzolla’s musical appeal.  A bit of percussion and double bass lend this a bit more jazzier flare.  These shifts between raw energy and lyrical beauty can make the music seem a bit melodramatic but this is part of the general style as well.  Even in the languid “Milonga del Angel” the tango rhythms begin to slowly pull the energy forward.  The pieces are a good blend of favorites exploring the sheer variety of Piazzolla’s melodic gifts. The release is certainly a nice addition to the Piazzolla discography of which there is certainly plenty, but this makes for an excellent hour of engaging and excellent energetic performances. READ MORE